Who is Dreadful Games?


Dreadful games is a board game company currently in the process of playtesting, polishing, and publishing three original games.  Like you, we also have multitudes of ideas on the “back burner” just waiting for their time in the sun as well.

Located just outside Memphis, TN (woo-hoo Elvis!), Dreadful Games is the fruition of years of “what if”, “maybe”, and “someday.” Started by a husband and wife team, DG draws from nearly two decades of printing, graphic art, and design experience. We are lucky to have fantastic art and manufacturing contacts that allow us to bring these games out of the cobweb covered recesses of our minds and jerk them kicking and screaming in to the physical world.

Thank you for joining us on this sojourn. In the following posts we’ll share our technical knowledge and the helpful resources we come across as well as what I am sure to be the many mistakes we make along the way. I hope we can help you get your game beautiful, printed, and into our (and the rest of the world’s) eager hands.