Who is a Gamer?

There has been a lot of talk lately, and always really, about what “gamer” encompasses and who should be called a “gamer”.   A “real” gamer is easy to identify, they love games. Period.  They may not love the games I love, but they are still a gamer. They may not love the games I love the way that I love them, but they are still a gamer. They may not love games on the same platform that I love them on, but they are still a gamer. They may not be from the same state, country, have the same gender identity, same orientation, socio-economic background, or speak the same language as me, but they are still a gamer.

A world filled with hate is still a world full of love too. Love > Hate.  Let’s not spend another minute dissecting “gamer”, and just game. Just love. Love the things you love. Love unabashedly. Spread the love. Seek out others who love the same things.

Celebrate your community.  When you meet someone who loves a game or genre outside your realm of knowledge, don’t disparage them– they are saying “Hey, we are the same. We are gamers. I want to be a part of this community.” Welcome them. The ios indie developer you overlook and classify as “not a REAL gamer” is making a version of your favorite table top game. The girl at your last meetup you called “not a REAL gamer” has an epic MtG elf deck that can cream any you can put together. Yes, welcome them with open arms. Look around; these are your people. You are HOME.


“We come from all around the world to find people that love the things we love the way that we love them.” Wil Wheaton


In the video below, a new mother asked Wil Wheaton to tell her daughter why it’s OK and even awesome to be a nerd.  She recorded this video to show her daughter when she’s old enough to understand.  It’s worth a watch.  Love > Hate


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