Ventures In The Void

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Opportunity abounds in this system, proving the void is anything but.

Players have a ship and planets have demands. It’s up to the player to buy low, sell high, and try to bankrupt their opponents out of the sky.

Ventures in the Void is all about risk and reward.  The unique double ended cards mean that each time a player transacts with a planet they increase the opportunities for opponents to reap huge rewards. Will they make their rendezvous in time to cash in, or will an opponent stick them with a customs inspection or labor disruption and delay them right out of their profits?  Every credit matters when the richest captain at the end of 12 turns wins.

Each player starts with a ship and a fist full of credits.

Each turn players may play a trade card, move, play an event card, and speculate.

Movement is based on the range of the ship and a player may move along the grid up to that range.

Trade cards are double ended with a supply and demand for a single planet. When a player transacts with a planet they play the end of the card that they are using facing them and no other player may use it, this is the private trade. The other end of the card is now available for all other players to use, this is the public trade. Each player may only have two trade cards active in front of them at a time. New trade cards replace those that are in play, cutting off access to those deals.

Event cards either hinder opponents or give the active player an advantage. Events are resolved at the end of each players’ turn.

Speculating allows players to discard up to two cards and replace them with new trade deals from the face down deck.

Ship upgrades that extend range or cargo space are available for the duration of the game for a tidy sum of credits. Players must decide if the bonus will recoup the investment in time to edge out their opponents.

The goal is for each trade to double or triple a player’s resource investment, but with only two of all of the available trade cards in a player’s control, each transaction is a gamble.

Ventures is currently in development. We are looking at a 1st quarter 2017 release, because we want everything to be just right!