Edit: Action Phase Games & Indie Boards and Cards have licensed Shogunate! Stay tuned for the US Retail release of this deviously strategic card game.

Finally. It’s here. Shogunate!  After more than a year of hard work, the game is now available to the public. No crowd funding, no waiting, no stalking the mailbox or waiting for an update. It’s physically here on a shelf beside me, waiting to be shipped to its new home. Amazing. Also, I need a nap.

Here’s a look at the leaders on our boss playmat. Notice the color coded card backs for the action cards visible there to the left. Just a little gift from me to you. Makes 2nd and 3rd games super quick to set up.  OH! and the box holds all the cards SLEEVED if’n you’re so inclined.

Shogunate Leaders

Shogunate card game, finished!

More updates to come. Why didn’t we crowd fund? How are we printing? Who shot Analise?  More to come!

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