Legendary Tales

The sophomore title from Dreadful Games, Legendary Tales is a card based story telling game.  You are an adventurer seeking fame and fortune.  More than anything, you want the inns of the realm to be filled with songs of your triumphs.

Ready to take on the world? Hold on there, scrub!  You need to get a bit of experience under your belt.  Play experience granting cards on yourself to raise your stats, send your fellow adventurers on treacherous follies, and prey on the weak monsters to build up your cred’.  The bards will be singing your praises in no time!

Legendary Tales is for 2-5 players and is recommend for ages 10 and up.  The game play is “light” and humorous, perfect for a family game night or a quick starter game for your gaming marathons.

Legendary Tales is currently in development. Check back often for links to the upcoming BGG page, rules, and more.